Three PressReader features that help users keep up with news that matters to them

People access PressReader in our library for a wide variety of purposes. Fore instance, readers use the 7,000-plus publications on the platform to explore new languages, to hone their skills in the kitchen, and to plan their next vacation, among many other things.

One of the main reasons people use PressReader, though, is to keep up on the news that matters to them.

Expats, for example, might peruse PressReader during breakfast service to stay informed about what’s happening back home. Patrons who access the platform through their public library, on the other hand, might be looking for the latest information on a specific topic to support a school research project.

Here are three PressReader features that can help you better keep up with news that matters to you.

PressReader and can be accessed at the library. Simply connect to the WiFi, open the PressReader app or go to

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