Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can I apply for membership during all opening hours?

    In the mornings, you can apply for membership in Centre Céramique by appointment only. To make an appointment, send an email to The library will be better staffed from 13.00 onwards, meaning you can apply for membership in person immediately.

  • Can I become a member if I live in a different municipality or country?

    Yes, although you will have to bring a valid ID to register.

  • Do you offer family memberships?

    We do not offer family memberships; everyone must apply for their own library card. You will be eligible for a partner card if you apply for DELUXE membership. Membership is free for children under 18 with an administration fee of €3,-. Children under the age of 9 are not allowed to borrow materials intended for adults. More information about our memberships.

  • How do I become a library member?

    You can apply for membership in person at all library locations. Be sure to bring a valid ID. To apply for student membership (18-25 years old) you will also need to bring your certificate of enrollment.

  • Will I be given my library card immediately after registering?

    If you apply for membership at the Heer and Malpertuis locations you will not be given your card immediately; your application must first be processed by Centre Céramique. You will be notified as soon as your card becomes available for pick-up at the library service centre. If you apply at Centre Céramique you will be given your card immediately after registering.

  • Can I borrow more books or extend my loan period during holidays?

    No, but you can extend your loan online or through the Library App (available on App Store/Google Play). Tip: with a DELUXE membership you can double your loan period and take out up to 20 items! More information about the Library App.

  • How do I cancel my membership?

    This can be done by phone, by email or in writing. Membership cannot be cancelled within the first year. First-time membership can be cancelled 1 month before the date of expiration. After the first year you can cancel your membership at any point, with a notice period of 1 month. Be sure to cancel your pre-authorised payment as well!

  • Can I have a negative balance on my library card?

    This is possible up to a maximum of € 5. If you exceed this amount, your card will be blocked and you will no longer be able to borrow materials, extend your loan period (online) or reserve items (online). Your card will be unblocked as soon as the negative balance is settled.

  • Will I receive a discount for being an LGOG member?

    As a member of the Limburg Historian and Antiquarian Society (LGOG) you are entitled to a free library membership, with an administration fee of €3,-, on presentation of your LGOG receipt and a valid ID. This entitles you to borrow a maximum of 14 items for a three-week period (4 items from each category). All books (excluding Sprinters) are free and CDs and DVDs can be borrowed for a nominal fee.

  • I see that my membership grants me free admission to the Maastricht Museum of Natural History. How does that work?

    COMFORT or DELUXE  membership grants the cardholder one free ticket to the Maastricht Museum of Natural History per calendar year. You can pick up your museum ticket at the Centre Céramique service desk on presentation of your library card. Note: your library card alone does not grant you access to the museum!